Best Investment In Singapore

DISCOVER how you can generate 12% assured returns in 12 months investing in German Listed (Conservation) buildings.

Investment Summary:

YOUR investment is 12% assured fixed returns in 12 months.
• YOUR investment is in SGD and your returns is also in SGD, so your investment is not exposed to currency risks.
• YOUR investment is Capital and Profit preserved.
• YOUR investment is UK Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) Fund approved. An investment has to be of minimal risk before it can be considered for SIPP investment.
• YOU hold First Charge on the building. This is your security in this investment. This is also how your capital is preserved.
• YOUR investment has a Developer buy back scheme in place to ensure that you will DEFINITELY get your returns in 12 months. This is how your profit is preserved.
• YOUR investment is of low capital outlay starting as low as SGD$10k only.
• YOUR investment has NO other additional legal or admin charges.

What Are Listed Buildings?

Listed Buildings are Conservation Buildings that have historical values. Only 1% of the German property market has been given the status of listed buildings by the German government.

Listed Buildings give cities their character and are the face of a city. Therefore, the preservation of these building is a priority for the German government. These buildings are brimming full of character, personality and charisma.

Once renovated, they offer an unique ambiance for the owners/ tenants. As a result, the purchase and renovation of these buildings are heavily incentivised. German buyers can get 100% loan for the purchase of refurbished listing buildings. Furthermore, they can claim 100% of their investment in the form of tax deduction over 12 years (1styr – 8th yr at 9% tax deduction, 9th – 12th yr at 7% tax deduction). Therefore, refurbished buildings are very popular among the Germans as a form of tax deduction from their above 40% income tax.

(Interview of Managing Director of Dolphin Capital Asia by SIAS (Securities Investors Association Singapore) on German Listed Buildings Investment)

Why Germany?

Germany is the largest European economy and the fourth largest in the world, placed behind United States, China and Japan. According to the statistics from World Trade Organisation, Germany is also the world’s second largest importer and exporter with annual exports of over €700 billion.

Indicators point to a continued pick up in the German economy and this is indicative of their spending power and of course property prices. The German market has shown itself to be a steady investment vehicle. 86% of the German people see property as the number 1 for investment for their pension. Germany has not experienced the recent property booms seen in Ireland and the UK and as a result German properties have been spared the property price crash.

Germany is the first country in Europe to be out of recession. With the lowest unemployment rates and highest economical growth in Europe and a proper and stable legal system for property, it is rated as one of the best countries in Europe for property investments.

(Interview of CEO of Dolphin Capital by SIAS (Securities Investors Association Singapore) on German property market outlook)

How does the investment work?

1. The listed building is bought with planning for refurbished apartment units by the developer (Dolphin Capital). Being listed makes these buildings quite rare as only 1% of the buildings in Germany are listed.

2. Building plan and cash flow analysis is then prepared by the developer.

3. Investors keen to invest in a particular listed building project will put in there investment. The investment money is transferred into an escrow account maintained by a law firm. An acknowledgment of receipt from developer and the appointed law firm will be sent to the investors.

4. Security is organized for the investors’ capital + 12% payouts. Investors are registered to the land registry and placed as first charge on the building to securitize their capital and profits.

5. An in-depth sales brochure is completed and the apartments are offered for sale to the German market with tax breaks as an incentive. They are sold through agents who only handle properties with tax incentives.

6. The apartments are sold and contracts are signed with the German buyers.

7. The renovation begins and investors receive their 12% payouts and capital on the 12th month.

Best Investment In Singapore

8. A developer buy-back is in place which ensures that the investors receive their capital + payouts within 12 months even if the units are not fully sold to the German buyers.

Investment Statistics

Over SGD$200million has been raised from Singapore investors to fund over 40 listed building projects.get latest news at

Close to 30 projects have exited i.e investors have put in their investment and have received their capital and 12% returns. A lot of projects exited earlier than 12 months but investors still got back their capital and 12% returns.

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