Can Friends And Family Round Include Non-Accredited Investors? Should It?

A lot of people think San Francisco investment funds are just for the rich, but that isn’t always the case. There are thousands of new businesses looking for extra capital to help get off the ground and they may be able to find it first from friends and family members. However, how will friends and family be counted? Will they be the non-accredited investors and will they be eligible to actually
invest if they aren’t accredited?

Investment Funds for Accredited Investors Do Not Need To Be Limited

Let’s say you were starting up a small business but needed investors to invest some capital in it, well you could seek out some accredited investors who would be able to plough money into the business. There is no limitation on accredited investors however, you do not just need to stick to accredited investors, non-accredited investors can still invest but there are some strings attached. You need to be very careful before looking at San Francisco investment funds to get you started.

Obtaining Money from Friends and Family Members

You can in fact have up to thirty five non-accredited investors invest in the business but, there are certain requirements. If you are following the Rule 506 then you can have the above number of non-accredited investors but, each investor must have experience in the financial world and even the business world. They must also be able to evaluate the risks and merits of the investment and be able to make a clear choice whether to proceed with the investment. In all honesty, this can be a little complicated for those looking at San Francisco investment funds.

Rule 504

However, non-accredited investors can still invest without having a lot of knowledge about the investment type. Rule 504 allows those seeking to raise capital the ability to raise a million dollars within a period of twelve months. The Rule also doesn’t require investors to be accredited and no investor needs to have a vast knowledge of investments. Most people think San Francisco investment funds mean they are only for those with vast investment knowledge but in some cases, it’s not.more updates and information at

Murky Waters

In all honesty, family and friends have the ability to invest in a business or company, however, there are a lot of ties that come with it so unless you have dealt with this in the past, you need help from financial experts. There are a lot of murky waters out there when it comes to investing and you have to know about them carefully. Sometimes, Rule 506 is going to limit your non-accredited investors significantly while Rule 504 isn’t going to work for you either depending on the amount of money you need to raise. San Francisco investment funds can be complicated so while you can allow friends and family members who are non-accredited to invest, there are a lot of strings attached.

Should You Just Stick To Investment Funds For Accredited Investors?

San Francisco investment

There are going to be a lot of start-up businesses and companies who will say they want a straight forward project to help raise funds and will stick to accredited. However, many will also look at non-accredited because let’s face it, your business might not appeal to every investor and for those who want to invest, you can’t turn them away really, even if they are non-accredited. Be wary and take San Francisco investment funds carefully and with this news and get helpful information about investing funds.

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