Crowd Funding For Accredited and Non-Accredited Investors

Everyone is looking for the best investment funds for accredited investors. These have become very lucrative for those who know what they are doing but of course, they aren’t without their risks. Crowd funding however, is giving new life to many developers across the real estate and even the construction fields simply because of the endless capital available to them. Now, it seems there are lucrative funding options for accredited investors but are they worth it?

What Is the Difference between Accredited Investors and Non-Accredited

The only real difference between non-accredited and accredited investors is the amount of cash they have to invest with. Now, accredited investors usually have a net worth of a few million dollars and earn more than two hundred thousand dollars a year. Basically, the government believes these people have the ability to protect their investments or losses unlike those who don’t earn as much as accredited investors. Non-accredited investors don’t have a net worth of one million but they have a lot of additional regulations. Anyone can look at Bay Area investment funds but the way they run can depend on accredited investors.

How Does Rule 506B Offering Work?

Rule 506 has been around for many years but now there is a new addition to the rule. Rule 506b new offers developers the chance to raise additional cash online. Developers can simply have an unlimited amount of accredited investors investing in their project and can raise however much they require. However, the rule also states that the developer can have up to thirty five non-accredited investors too which is something that is new but exciting. It means there are new Bay Area investment funds available for those worth a lot less than one million dollars. All information must be provided to the non-accredited investors to cover legal requirements.

The 506C Rule

This rule is quite good for those who require additional funding and it’s quite similar to that of 506b but there are a few exceptions. First and foremost, developers have the ability to advertise wherever they want. They can advertise online, and even in the local newspapers. However, the 506c rule allows only accredited investors to invest their money in a project. The best investment funds for accredited investors are endless.

Regulation A

Developers have the ability to raise a huge sum of money from both accredited and non-accredited investors. With regulation A, the developer can raise anything from zero dollars to fifty million dollars each year and they can do so with an unlimited amount of investors also. Basically developers have the ability to look further to the investment market for investors but it isn’t without its complications. To become suitable for this, there are strict rules that must be followed and a lengthy registration stage too. Bay Area investment funds may be good but if the deals are small, developers won’t look at Regulation A. More info here!

Differences Matter

Developers really need to think carefully before they look at crowd funding. The reason why is simply because there are different laws and regulations when it comes to using accredited and non-accredited investors. However, there are also many good advantages to looking at both investors. There are many great Bay Area investment funds available and if you choose to crowd fund, you must know what you’re getting into.

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